Character Set Plus!

Unicode Update for 2007.7.4 (Happy Independence Day for US readers!)

More specific info about CJKV fonts was entered; mistakes in some descriptions corrected; ambiguous text clarified; and some mystery regarding Majalla UI font. Also for UTF-8 & UTF-16 test pages, Mongolian & Phags-pa characters are now displayed in vertical form, to be consistent with Unicode code-chart practices.
At last, I can now update my page on keyboard layouts to reflect the changes introduced by Windows Vista.

This site is dedicated to Character Encodings (Charsets), Windows Keyboard Layouts (KBDs), and many other related extras.

Character Set Test Area:

You can test here various charsets in use today by many computers around the world. Most of them will require you to have certain Unicode-compatible fonts like Arial Unicode MS, Code2000, Segoe UI, & Tahoma. I also recommend to view most of them under a recent browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or Netscape Browser 8.0 or higher or equivalents, which have a wider charset support, and that you run a recent operating system like Microsoft Windows Vista or Apple Macintosh OS X or higher.

Windows Keyboard Layouts:

You can view here the key mappings of all pre-Vista keyboard layouts available from Windows. All of them are included with Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, & Vista. Vista keyboard layouts will be described later after finishing my test pages for Unicode 5.0 Plane 1.

Useful Links:

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